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Affordable Housing Tool Kit - A tool, resource, idea bank and step-by-step guide to Design in affordable housing. - Excellent comprehensive affordable housing resource guide by Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Library. - Section provides useful information on affordable housing techniques and approaches with a focus on cost-effective green building technologies.

Why We Need Affordable Housing - Insightful and comprehensive PDF report on unmet housing needs in California by Housing California nonprofit.

Local Government

"Workforce Housing - Challenges and Responses" Jan 2003 study by San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce > click here to download PDF

"Draft Housing Element - San Luis Obispo General Plan," Aug 2003, County of San Luis Obispo > click here to download PDF

State Government

"State of CA Housing Market," report by Department of Housing and Community Development, Housing Policy Development Division > click here to download pdf on Key Issues and see website for full report

Federal Government

Fannie Mae - Agency's Housing and Community Development (HCD) division tackles the toughest housing problems in America. Through the development of mortgage products, services, investments, national partnerships, and local initiatives, HCD works to expand the dream of homeownership and affordable rental housing.

Federal Home Loan Banks - conduct two programs designed to meet the pressing housing and local economic needs of low-moderate income Americans and neighborhoods. Those programs are the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) and the Community Investment Program (CIP).

California Nonprofits

California Housing Law Project - advocacy organization that lobbies in the California State Legislature for affordable housing and tenants rights for low income people, the disabled, elderly, homeless and farm workers.

California Housing Partnership Corporation - nonprofit housing consulting and training organization formed in 1988 with mission to preserve existing affordable housing and to expand the capacity of public, nonprofit and resident-controlled entities to develop, own and manage affordable housing.

Peoples' Self-Help Housing - provides affordable housing and programs, leading to self-sufficiency, for low-income families, seniors, and other special needs groups on California's Central Coast.

Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California - As the collective voice of those who support, build and finance affordable housing, NPH spurs citizen action and focuses government policy on housing solutions for low-income people who suffer disproportionately from the housing crisis. In addition to its advocacy work, NPH offers professional training, networking opportunities, and resources for housing policy analysts, advocates and activists.

Housing California - statewide coalition of over 1,000 regional and local housing advocates, nonprofit developers and homelessness service organizations. We lobby on state-level policy and budget matters in an effort to increase housing opportunities for homeless and very low-income households.

BRIDGE - large non-profit affordable housing developer in California, and a nationally recognized leader in cutting edge housing development practices. Since its inception in 1983, BRIDGE has participated in the development of over 9,500 homes serving over 20,000 Californians. BRIDGE's award-winning developments have demonstrated that quality affordable housing has a positive impact on neighborhoods, especially when the public, private and non-profit sector work together to create housing that reflects the needs of the community it serves.

National Nonprofits

Sierra Club Challenges Sprawl - Smart Growth and Affordable Housing: A Partnership for Success Affordable Housing Crisis Plagues America - More Americans than ever before live in inadequate housing or spend more than half of their monthly income on housing. As the growing population's demand for housing increases, we are failing to provide affordable, convenient options. Smart Growth provides a solution to sprawl and the affordable housing challenge. Fighting sprawl can and should include Smart Growth and affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity International - nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry seeking to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

National Affordable Housing Network - provides technical assistance, designing detailed houseplans, and other educational materials to ensure that resource efficiency features are included in the design of low-income housing in the United States.

National Housing Institute - examines the issues causing the crisis in housing and community in America, including key issues affecting affordable housing and community development practitioners and their supporters.

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