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CLIH's Advocacy Program

To achieve our goals a public-private partnership is needed:

1. All of our institutions need to partner in advocating low income housing. Work force housing in a service economy needs to be affordable. Too many workers work two jobs and pay over 50% of the family income for housing costs.

2. Service organizations need to address the housing crisis as well as feeding the homeless. The national food banks have a bare cup board and the food stamp program was recently cut by $30 billion.

3. Industry needs to shoulder the responsibility for their low paid workers by paying into the low income housing trust fund (like big box stores).

4. The county/cities housing elements needs teeth to revitalize the economy with a work force that has adequate income to afford housing.

5. Bank and mortgage companies need to structure lease-to-own programs to enable a first step towards home ownership.

6. Construction supply companies that have enjoyed the single family housing boom need to give building materials in exchange for tax credits.

7. Local chambers, economic vitality coporations, and other business and builder/develoepr organizations need to step up.

8. The next generation needs affordable housing so every parent needs to be an advocate.

9. School districts need to take a stand on affordable housing for their clients.

10. While the state Housing Commission Development division has issued a statement, the governor and state legislators must take a stronger leadership role.

11. All of these parties need to come together and participate in a low income housing summit.

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