Who We Are




Our Goals

  • Create new affordable housing one community at a time by applying for public and private funding to build and maintain eco-friendly housing that is thoughtfully integrated with the community, thereby preserving its character.
  • Facilitate connections and linkages among others by initiating community-housing partnerships (CHP's) between the nonprofit, public and business sectors, encouraging them to join forces as a unified voice and work as a team to plan and implement creative 'out-of-the-box' solutions.
  • Better leverage existing housing stock through innovative collaborative programs (e.g., Renovate-to-Rent initiative that provides homeowners living in substandard housing with donated materials and labor to renovate their homes in exchange for renting a room to a pre-screened qualified low income residents in need of affordable transitional housing).
  • Educate and inform of the need for affordable housing by designing and maintaining a website that provides local residents, policy makers and the media with a comprehensive resource library on issues such as the importance of mixed-income eco-friendly housing to a community's economic and environmental health and example model programs and initiatives for preserving and creating affordable housing.
  • Achieve a self-sustaining funding stream by embracing creative nontraditional fundraising strategies such as for-profit ventures and online fundraising, in addition to the traditional funding sources such as private and public grants, corporate sponsorships, planned giving, and special community events.

Coalition for Low Income Housing
A California Public Benefit Corporation
1250 4th St., Los Osos, CA 93402
(805) 534.0800, info@clih.net

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