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The low-income population in California no longer has the opportunity for decent housing. The state's affordable housing stock, according to the recent state evaluation, is shrinking and deteriorating. Furthermore, the public and private sector are severely lagging in capital investment required to make low-income units available to low-income working families, the aging poor and the infirmed.

The shocking lack of housing is exacerbated by exclusionary zoning laws. For example, about 6000 single-family homes were built in San Luis Obispo County but only 300 rentals. A similar pattern has emerged statewide. The housing stock is so out of balance rents have nearly doubled in the last decade while wages have remained relatively static.

In order to address this problem, please consider making a donation to CLIH. We need your help. We accept land deeds, chattel, and capital, all of which will be used in perpetuity for affordable housing in Central California.

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