Who We Are




Our Mission

CLIH is dedicated to preserving and creating affordable housing for low-income individuals and families throughout California's Central Coast through innovative collaborative partnerships and innovative community solutions.

We believe the focus should be on the relatively new concept of a 'triple' bottom line: community, environment and stakeholders. We also believe a community should be judged by the way it provides for its at-risk residents and by the way it protects its natural assets.

In keeping with these beliefs, we support the creation of mixed-income, eco-friendly and sustainable housing designed to preserve a community's unique character and to meet the needs of all current and future residents.

Accomplishing this mission is key to a community's economic and environmental health. To learn more about local environmental issues, and how these issues intermingle with social issues such as affordable housing, please also visit the Coalition for an Affordable and Safe Environment website.

Coalition for Low Income Housing
A California Public Benefit Corporation
1250 4th St., Los Osos, CA 93402
(805) 534.0800, info@clih.net

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